Through A Sparkling Glass: An A-Z of the Wonderland of Wine (2013)

Through A Sparkling Glass


“If, like me, you get tired of technicalities and suffer tasting-note nausea, I recommend joining Andrea Frost on her gentle, thoughtful stroll through wine, life and most things in between.”Andrew Jefford

“It’s a refreshing, unashamedly romantic approach to wine writing, concerned more with the context and culture, the philosophy and mystery of wine than the liquid in the glass.” – Max Allen, ‘Writers celebrate joys of the vine’ | The Australian

“A wonderfully perceptive, personal and playful account of what it means to fall in love with wine – in all its flawed beauty.”Max Allen

“Frost is a talented raconteur … skillfully taking us on her magical journey into the world of wine.” – Australian Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine (April/May 2013)

“…the experience is more like an evening with a particularly erudite and witty dinner companion than a class at the local wine school … Frost does something that we’ve been used to seeing in food writing for some time, but rarely get with wine: taking the subject out of the dusty confines of the coursebook and into real life”.  – David Williams, The World of Fine Wine, Issue 42

Through a Sparkling Glass, hot off the press from the Australian wine writer Andrea Frost, is a uniquely whimsical, sensual and well-crafted account of the author’s life with, and love for, wine, detailing favourite grapes, tasting notes and personal takes on wine ‘etiquette’.” Susy Atkins, The Telegraph

“I closed the cover on Through A Sparkling Glass and felt entirely satisfied. In the end it was Frost’s easy, engaging and thoughtful writing style that reminded me a great deal of the great Sarah Vowell. Pick up this new book for a very enjoyable read. You’ll get your dose of wine, but you get much more of Ms. Frost. And that’s a good thing, too.” Tom Wark, Fermentation Wine Blog

“One of the most impressive wine books of the year. Frost writes without pomposity or jargon and takes her readers on a gentle, whimsical but informative stroll through the world of wine. It’s a lovely read.” Winsor Dobbin, The Examiner

“Through a Sparkling Glass will leave you feeling uplifted about the complexities of mother nature, life, friendships and the various guises wine can play in the chapters of our own lives – to soothe, celebrate, commiserate, seduce, laugh over, inspire, amaze and most importantly, enjoy for what it is. Andrea has superbly, and very wittingly, handled the balance between her obvious technical knowledge of the subject with her even greater passion and reverence for it.” – Katrina Holden, Sip Your Style


Through A Sparkling Glass: An A-Z of the Wonderland of Wine is published by Hardie Grant