The Consolations of Wine

An excerpt from my latest column on, 'Andrea's salon', in which I explore the consolatory ideas contained in wine.

01 May 2018 | by Andrea Frost

People have long turned to myriad sources as consolation for the thorny task of being human. From poetry and painting to music and sculpture, the arts are filled with expressions of humanity to soften misfortune and comfort the suffering. Literature is similarly sympathetic; what is the Western canon but a catalogue of accounts of what it means to be human? And in philosophy, a field practically invented to help make sense of the human condition, consolations were a popular genre. Perhaps the most famous was Boethius’s The Consolations of Philosophy, in which he reconciled his time in prison before being executed by writing letters to the fictional Lady Philosophy; ‘Nothing is miserable unless you think it so’.

What of wine as consolation? I call upon it often for relief, though not for the consolatory effects of intoxication (though you are quite right to assume I have sought those, too). Rather, I turn to wine for the many ideas it contains that, when applied to our existence, can soften life’s trifles or make things beautiful …

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