February 25, 2015

Writing and Academic Resume

25 February 2015 | by Andrea Frost

Awards, Prizes and Scholarships

  • 2019 Louis Roederer International Wine Columnist of the Year
  • 2018 University of Buckingham Humanities Research Institute Scholarship
  • 2016-2018 Shortlisted Louis Roederer and Born Digital Writing awards
  • 2014 Wine Communicators of Australia Wine Communicator of the Year
  • 2013 Wine Communicators of Australia Best Wine Book
  • 2012 Born Digital Awards Best Editorial Wine Writing
  • 2006 Melbourne Business School Foundation Scholarship
  • 2001-2003 Founding Editor of a Wine Magazine of the Year


Qualifications, Education and Training

  • 2019 MA Philosophy – The University of Buckingham: Thesis on ‘the philosophy of wine’, with distinction, supervised by Sir Roger Scruton.
  • 2015 Yale Writers’ Workshop – Non-fiction stream
  • 2013 Len Evans Tutorial – Wine judging program
  • 2011-2016 Non-Fiction Writing Classes – Literary non-fiction with Professor Tony Birch at the Melbourne University
  • 2006 Master of Marketing – The Melbourne Business School MBA programme
  • 1993 Bachelor of Applied Science – Deakin University


Speaker, Presenter, Interviewee

  • 2018 National Geographic National documentary, ‘Great Innovators: The Rise of Australian Wine’ – interviewee
  • 2018 Central Otago Pinot Celebration – ‘Cultural Exchange Through Wine’
  • 2017 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival – ‘Champagne Revolution’
  • 2017 New Zealand Pinot Noir – ‘New Threads to Communication’
  • 2015 Melbourne Writers Festival – Wine and Music session
  • 2014 Melbourne Writers Festival – ‘Thinking and Drinking’
  • 2013 Bendigo Writers Festival – Author interview
  • 2012 Wine Day Out – ‘Love and Wonder’


Media, Business and Publishing

  • Columnist – Award-winning columnist for the world’s leading wine publications including The World of Fine Wine,com, The Melbourne Review, and ABC’s delicious, among others.
  • Feature writer – Wine and lifestyle features for various publications including The Australian, Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine, The Wine Companion, Wine Enthusiast, and Food and Wine, among others.
  • Author – Through a Sparkling Glass: An A-Z of the Wonderland of Wine
  • Magazine Editor – Founding editor of a former wine magazine
  • Business, media and publishing – various roles in editorial, communications and strategy.


Wine Judging

  • Len Evans Tutorial in the Hunter Valley, Australia, ‘the world’s most exclusive wine judging program’ – scholar
  • McLaren Vale Wine Show, McLaren Vale, Australia – judge
  • Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show, Mildura, Australia – judge
  • Bragato Challenge, Auckland, New Zealand – international judge
  • Decanter Wine Awards, London – judge



  • ‘Andrea is hugely impressive – academic in thought but not in writing style. And she is a brilliant speaker too’ – Jancis Robinson
  • ‘Andrea writes and speaks on wine in a totally original way – and has more insights than we in the world of wine really deserve. She is also hilarious, which is probably the most important thing …’ – Sam Neill, Actor and Proprietor, Two Paddocks, Central Otago, New Zealand.
  • ‘Marvellous!’ – Hugh Johnson
  • ‘If, like me, you get tired of technicalities and suffer tasting-note nausea, I recommend joining Andrea Frost on her gentle, thoughtful stroll through wine, life and most things in between’. – Andrew Jefford
  • ‘Frost is a talented raconteur, skillfully taking us on her magical journey into the world of wine’. – Australian Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine
  • ‘This dissertation is original and, for an academic piece of work, unusually literate and well written’. – British philosopher academic and author (thesis examiner).
  • ‘A gripping and enjoyable read’. – British philosopher and academic, (thesis examiner).



Photo above: James Broadway