Wine Tastings

No matter how many tangential reflections I take wine on, there is one question that everyone asks eventually, "That's interesting, but...

Tasmanian Wine

14 December 2013 | by Andrea Frost
It is not easy to pinpoint when Tasmania’s wine industry started. Of course there were the explorers who brought European...

Meeting Your Heroes

28 October 2013 | by Andrea Frost
They say you should never meet your heroes. They’re human. They have moods. They’re not the character in the movie....

Drinking Well

02 October 2013 | by Andrea Frost
In wine circles, we talk a lot about what qualities make a good wine. More recently, I have wondered what...

Autumnal Drinking

10 May 2013 | by Andrea Frost
Autumn is a beautiful in-between season and a time of great transition. It’s amidst the hottest and coldest seasons, but...

Wine Frontiers

10 March 2013 | by Andrea Frost
Frontiers come in many forms: literal, metaphorical, geographical, philosophical, technical and even personal. In winemaking, they include some very real...

Wine Reviews

04 November 2012 | by Andrea Frost
Clones, hills and volcanoes, oh my. A cluster of wines to ease you into warmer days of Spring.

Wine Reviews

04 November 2012 | by Andrea Frost
Tradition and invention; From epic backstories and weather-beating miracles, to wines crafted in the Inventing Room, more wine reviews showcasing...

Wine Reviews

04 November 2012 | by Andrea Frost
Australian Chardonnay continues its flight skyward in terms of quality and style. Much of this success comes from wines from...
Moscato is happy to leave the high stakes glamour events to the world’s most famous bubbles and her followers: the...
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