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Message in A Bottle

10 May 2017 | by Andrea Frost
It’s the lucky ones who find a message in the bottle. In his essay On Wine and Hashish, Charles Baudelaire...

Where the Wild Things Are

05 April 2017 | by Andrea Frost
I was sitting at an old wooden bar at one of Wellington’s finest restaurants when I noticed the counter had...

When Wine Imitates Art

04 December 2016 | by Andrea Frost
If you’re going to contemplate beauty in wine, you might as well do it in an art gallery. Well, that...


02 November 2016 | by Andrea Frost
In the old days, it used to take a bottle of wine and free karaoke for people to let you...

I’ll Have What Proust Had

21 October 2016 | by Andrea Frost
The other night, I was enjoying a moment of heightened pleasure resulting from that exquisite mix of company, conversation, conviviality...

The Art of Comparison

10 September 2016 | by Andrea Frost
‘Stop comparing yourself to others’ is advice we are given early on in life and, depending how well we heed...

On Wine and Europe

23 August 2016 | by Andrea Frost
It is hard to think of wine and not think of Europe and its influence on wine and the people...

She said, he said

28 July 2016 | by Andrea Frost
I hadn’t expected we’d discuss gender issues during the Burgundy masterclass at the exclusive Len Evans Tutorial in the Hunter...

What Makes a Good Wine Bar?

30 June 2016 | by Andrea Frost
In his gentle 1946 essay Moon Under Water, George Orwell describes the merits of his favourite London public house. Qualities...

The Quarrel

18 June 2016 | by Andrea Frost
Of the galaxy of reasons to love wine, it’s the quarrel I enjoy the most. Wine’s capacity to engage with...
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