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Cins by Brash Higgins

24 May 2018 | by Andrea Frost
Like poetry and punk at once! A stunning, light, vivid red wine that’s perfect parts structured, spicy and beautifully perfumed...

The Consolations of Wine

01 May 2018 | by Andrea Frost
People have long turned to myriad sources as consolation for the thorny task of being human. From poetry and painting...
I feel a simultaneous sense of pride and pleasure at seeing a new edition of The World of Fine Wine....

Pinot Noir NZ 2017

10 March 2017 | by Andrea Frost
What do I love about New Zealand Pinot Noir?

Wine Day Out: Love and Wonder

29 November 2014 | by Andrea Frost
In October 2014, I was asked to speak at the inaugural Wine Day Out, a festival of ideas, debate and...