November 12, 2020

World of Fine Wine, Curiosities

12 November 2020 | by Andrea Frost

As the pandemic rolled out around the world, I could not help but notice a theme. When trying to make sense of events, people reconcile the situation by saying such things as “This will all make us better people,” “We will shift our values and be less focused on a consumerist culture and more on a community one,” “This is a lesson from the universe that we are all part of something larger and not a bunch of singular individuals,” and so on.

I have no doubt that for so many, the efforts, thoughts, and sentiments were sincere. Further, that the camaraderie, the greater sense of community, has been genuinely gratifying. More so, that the pursuit of something other than oneself to consider comes as both a change and a relief for many in the self-focused worlds in which we live.

And yet …

This is from my column in the World of Fine Wine, issue 69. To read more, go to World of Fine Wine