In Vino Veritas … Or is there?

02 May 2019 | by Andrea Frost

In wine there may indeed be truth, but what is the truth in wine? Where is it to be found in wine? And how does one get to it?

One needn’t be a connoisseur or heavily invested in wine to be familiar with the Roman author, naturalist and natural philosopher Pliny the Elder’s, most famous statement, In Vino Veritas. Though various cultures have different ways of alluding to the same thing, it was first written in Pliny’s Naturalis historia in the first century AD. It refers to wine’s — or more specifically, alcohols — ability to rid one’s inhibitions and loosen the tongue to reveal the truth not afforded with the discipline that comes from sobriety.

This is my latest ‘Curiosities’ column in the latest edition of the World of Fine Wine.