September 5, 2018

A traveller’s tastes of Australia

05 September 2018 | by Andrea Frost

What to take from home when embarking on a long journey abroad? There are the practical effects one needs for travel: itineraries, reading materials, exercise outfits you’ll never use. And the legal necessities to set you on your way, including passports, visas, clean and legal tender. But it was as I was packing for a year in London in pursuit of the good life through wine, I became painfully aware of all the tastes, flavours and gastronomical habits I would miss. Those things that, through some alchemical reaction, manage to weave tastes, flavours, friends and loved ones with a dash of lore and legend, to make something that feels distinctly from home. With this in mind, I made a mental stash of treasured wine moments to pack in my metaphorical suitcase for whenever I needed a taste of home.

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