January 23, 2018

Central Otago Pinot Celebration

23 January 2018 | by Andrea Frost

This week I am off to Queenstown for the Central Otago Pinot Noir Celebration. As well as tasting pinot noirs from 34 Central Otago wineries at The Grand Tasting, a formal masterclass on Oregon pinot noir and several winery visits and tastings in between, I am delighted to be giving an opening address on ‘cultural exchange through wine’.

For those who want to get a taste of New Zealand, you can revisit my piece, Where the Wild Things Are, in which I attempt to capture that jaw-dropping, gob-smacking, deck-shuffling feeling that New Zealand’s wine country gives you.

As I wrote of Central Otago …

Central Otago is not just beautiful to look at, the sheer gumption of the landscape engages you in a way that’s both urgent and playful. It comes in close, grabs you by the shirt front and screams to know if you’re paying attention before playfully tussling your hair and saying, “Jokes!” Here, nature is not a bucolic, placid, bosom offering consolation and comfort, it’s a drill sergeant pushing you to your extremes.

For more information on the event visit Central Otago Pinot Celebration.

I hope to see you there.