December 15, 2017

Signing Off

Looking back on three years of writing for Tim

15 December 2017 | by Andrea Frost

After almost three years, 25 columns and more than 30,000 words, I’m sad to say, I’m getting off here; this is my final column for The decision has not come easily. I’ve loved writing the column and learnt a lot doing it. But three years is a long time in media, and this decade it feels like a lifetime.

Looking back to February 2015, it’s hard to believe it’s the same world in which I wrote my first article. The transformation has been gargantuan. Some changes came gradually and, like a gently rising tide, engulfed then drowned us slowly, while others came as abrupt and shocking blows. And though some things seem to be moving in the right direction, others need a drastic change of tack. Simultaneously and perhaps paradoxically, I actively sought transformation. I travelled widely, studied a bit and read a lot.

As a writer, it can be interesting (though, typically, more excruciating) to look back on your work and compare what landed on the page with what you thought you had written. Sometimes the gap is a mere hair’s width; others, a gaping chasm filled with distant echoes of what you were trying to say. And in other pieces, only you, the writer, know where to find the timid whispers of what you really wanted to express had you the courage, conviction or experience to do so at the time.

While sentimentality is to be avoided in writing, indulge me a little as I look back. Consider this not a gushy goodbye, but a highlights montage cut for the final episode …

This is my latest and final column for To read the complete piece, click here