September 29, 2017

Kissing Frogs

A teaser for my regular 'Curiosities' column for The World of Fine Wine.

29 September 2017 | by Andrea Frost

It has been said that to understand wine one must kiss a lot of frogs; that is, taste a lot of ordinary wine to recognise the great. Notwithstanding the whiff of myth infused to entice novices into tasting the dull brackets so others don’t have to, nor the fact that I’ve kissed enough frogs to know that if such a theory were true, I’d be a super-taster and married to a prince, I’m not entirely convinced.

 “I can’t help but wonder if an education that starts by wading in oceans of sameness to understand greatness is any more helpful than taking students of the Renaissance to the edge of suburbia instead of on a Grand Tour of Florence.”

This is my latest ‘Curiosities’ column for the World of Fine Wine. To continue reading it and other articles by writers including Hugh Johnson and Andrew Jefford, purchase a copy of issue 57 right here