May 3, 2017

Oakridge Over the Shoulder Pinot Noir 2016

03 May 2017 | by Andrea Frost

No matter how many tangential reflections I take wine on, there is one question that everyone asks eventually, “That’s interesting, but can you recommend a good value pinot noir?”

Quite right to ask, too. Who doesn’t love pinot noir’s aesthetic charms delivered at a reasonable price? Unlike chardonnay, shiraz or sauvignon blanc — good value versions of which are easy enough to find without a map and a compass — value in pinot noir is a rarer beast. More sensitive in the vineyard, more work in the winery and more susceptible for a winemaker to leave their grubby fingerprints on, there’s so much to go wrong. And yet, as those of us familiar with the charms of pinot noir know, so much to get right.

This wine is that elusive wonder. Testament to the deft skills of winemaker David Bicknell who as well as making some of Australia’s finest chardonnay, has crafted a serious pinot noir at a less serious price.

Tremendous value with an abundance of beauty. A vibrant perfume of crushed cranberries and spicy red fruits is underpinned by brooding charry and savoury notes. The pleasure continues on the palate with more pretty red fruits, shimmering acidity and a moody undertow. It’s enticing, pretty, alluring, brooding and most importantly, utterly delicious.

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