January 15, 2017

Interview in Wine Business Monthly

15 January 2017 | by Andrea Frost


I spent an hour with Wine Business Monthly editor Anthony Madigan to talk about my journey into wine writing, our dynamic industry quarrels and Australia’s exciting new wines. Highlights from the article ‘Write On: The Making of Australian Wine Writer Andrea Frostinclude:

What do you love most about wine?

I’d need thousands of words to explain it all but I am convinced that wine is the most beautiful drink in the world and I love being around a culture that is ostensibly built around that. I love that it offers a place for almost all kinds and professions – from suits to artists and everyone in between. I love that it is never the same and so requires us to react to what is, rather than what we would always like it to be, and I love that the most advanced technologies cannot replace the best things about wine – beauty, time, ageing, nature. Wine has such unique qualities it seems to be buffered against modernity for modernity sake. Finally, I love that wine encapsulates the most delightful things in life … aesthetics, literature, travel, language, culture. The Good Life, really.”

You can read the full article on Wine Business Monthly.

Photos by James Broadway.