November 2, 2016


02 November 2016 | by Andrea Frost

In the old days, it used to take a bottle of wine and free karaoke for people to let you know who they really are, but these days I find a holiday and an Instagram account does the trick. Of course, when I say “people”, I mean us. And when I say “who they really are”, I mean human.

The transition from curious to distracted is as inevitable as the effects of too much alcohol and an “I will survive” defiance. Typically, people start out timidly, often with a self-conscious “tap, tap, tap, is this thing on?” before the Pavlovian effects turn us into fidgety digital junkies. Some build confidence, many fade out, while others discover a gift for aphorism.

It’s not for everyone, of course. I once watched a friend’s holiday feed move from a glass of Champagne at the airport to something close to a breakdown. There were the standard frames of which we’re all guilty: first bottle of chilled rosé by the pool, perfect pedi on a sunbed facing the ocean.

As the days passed, updates became more frequent: #fun #somuchfun and they built from there. #toomuchfun!!! Every #hashtag was like a cymbal #CRASH or a cry for help. At one point I swore she was one glass of rosé away from typing #DIDANYONEHEARME?

Oh, I don’t judge. Well I do, but I shouldn’t. I, too, started out coy …

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