March 29, 2014

Through A Sparkling Glass … in America

29 March 2014 | by Andrea Frost

Hello. It’s been quite a ride since my book was published in April 2013.

Awarded Best Wine Publication at the Wine Communicators of Australia awards, it has also received many favourable reviews.

If that’s not reason enough to pour a glass of something lovely, I’m delighted to announce that from April 8th, Through A Sparkling Glass, An A-Z of the Wonderland of Wine will be available in America.

Distributed by the wonderful Rizzoli Books, you can buy it from these stockists.

Here’s a sample of what others have said.

“…the experience is more like an evening with a particularly erudite and witty dinner companion than a class at the local wine school…Frost does something that we’ve been used to seeing in food writing for some time, but rarely get with wine: taking the subject out of the dusty confines of the coursebook and into real life.”  – David Williams, The World of Fine Wine.

“If, like me, you get tired of technicalities and suffer tasting-note nausea, I recommend joining Andrea Frost on her gentle, thoughtful stroll through wine, life and most things in between.”Andrew Jefford

“A wonderfully perceptive, personal and playful account of what it means to fall in love with wine – in all its flawed beauty.”Max Allen

“In the end it was Frost’s easy, engaging and thoughtful writing style that reminded me a great deal of the great Sarah Vowell.” Tom Wark, Fermentation Wine Blog

a uniquely whimsical, sensual and well-crafted account of the author’s life with, and love for, wine, detailing favourite grapes, tasting notes and personal takes on wine ‘etiquette’.” Susy Atkin, The Telegraph

I hope you enjoy it. Well, I first hope you buy it, and then I hope you enjoy it.