July 17, 2011

A Little Bit Special

17 July 2011 | by Andrea Frost

Appropriateness and I have had a chequered relationship, especially when it comes to wearing the right outfit at the right time. Of course I’ll behave and shine at a wedding in whatever costume the bride prescribes but, at less directed events, I like to choose outfits by how I feel or where I wish I was, not where I am. As a result, I have been known to dress up and down at all the wrong times: for a safari when a heel and sequins are in order or for a night on the town at a small person’s christening. It’s not meant as disrespect for the occasion, it’s just that if I don’t feel it, I find it hard to be it.

Like now. It’s Friday night and a girlfriend is coming over for a take away dinner and a bottle of wine and I’m dressed like it’s Paris Fashion Week. I even used an eyelash curler. Thinking about it, I wonder if there is any better reason to make an extra effort than for an old friend? Besides, sometimes in life, a girl needs to feel a little bit special.

I warned her with a text. “Do you want me to order ahead? Oh, and by the way, I’m a little overdressed.” She said it was fine, it just so happened she was also frocked up, “…’cause that’s the kind of girls we are.”

So what wines do go with a fire, an old friend, overdressing and a delivery of take away Thai food? These two …



Dopff Alsace Gewurztraminer 2009 $17

A go to variety for Thai food, and a must have region for Gewurztraminer, this wine with the exotic name and friendly flavour is a fine match. Its signature aromatics can make it a challenging wine on its own – some say it too has a tendency to overdress – but it makes a lovely match with aromatic foods. The Dopff is widely available for those wanting to try a different white variety. Its gentle wafts of musk, rose and lychees fuse happily with those of the aromatic Thai cuisine.

In Australia, available from Dan Murphy’s

Chateau de Vaux Les Gryphees 2010 $35

From the lesser-known Moselle region in France, as opposed to the more famous Mosel in Germany, this is an unexpected blend of pinot gris, müller-thurgau, auxerois and gewurtztraminer. Unusual or otherwise it is a beautiful, graceful and complex wine with pretty white aromas, complex flavours and lovely, lovely length. A delightful wine with a little bit extra and perfect for our night in. Because sometimes, with wine as with life, a girl needs to feel a little bit special.

In Australia, available from the Prince Wine Store