May 26, 2011

What’s the sweet Italian wine that everyone’s got a crush on?

26 May 2011 | by Andrea Frost

Moscato is where sparkling wine gets cute, quirky and refreshing. Though slightly frizzante, Moscato is happy to leave the high stakes glamour events to the world’s most famous bubbles and her followers: the ladies who stride effortlessly, tails held high, oozing confidence, breathing charm, lips painted a red as vivid as the soles of their 6-inch Louboutins.

Moscato’s not that girl and she knows it. She’s the girl who you wouldn’t call glamorous but you might call stylish, who doesn’t do Fashion but shines quietly in vintage couture, who’s less about sultry seduction than winning them with intellectual curiosity. Moscato is something all picnic hampers, long lunches and cheeky brunches should have. Think pancakes, fruit, ice cream, a gingham cloth and a sunny afternoon.

But isn’t this old fashioned? A bit simple? Didn’t my grandma used to drink this? Sure, but your grandma also took lovers in Italy and smoked in jazz bars before you knew how to lace your rollerskates.

Moscato gained fresh legs when the rest of the winemaking world spent a bit of time around the Piedmont region of Italy and realized that this sweet, bubbly drop, that’s low in alcohol and has a cheeky pink blush, is as simple and sweet as it looks. Ever since then, the world got a crush on Moscato. You should too.

Serve chilled with a genuine smile and a lick of gloss.

Innocent Bystander $12.50 for 375 mls.

Wirra Wirra’s Mrs Wigley is named after a cat but tastes nothing like one. RRP $18.50

Brown Brothers Moscato, $16